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Coronavirus Lawsuit

Wife Sues Cruise Line Over Husband’s Covid-19 Death

A Texas woman is suing Princess Cruise Line after her husband contracted COVID-19  on a February Hawaii Islands cruise and died shortly after. Susan and Michael Dorety celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship, which set sail from San Francisco on February 21, 2020. Susan said they had no idea there had been suspected COVID-19 cases on the ship’s previous voyage, or that some passengers and crew from that trip remained on board.

Shortly after learning of the threat while already on board and finishing the trip, Michael fell ill. “He’s chilled, he’s sweating, he can’t get warm enough, he’s shaking really bad,” she recalled telling the 911 call taker on the ship. But she said it took days of calling the ship’s 911 service before a doctor came, who prescribed Tamiflu.

Eventually, after he was taken off the ship and hospitalized for 10 days in Oakland, California, Michael passed away. He was 68. “I’ve lost a lot of my faith in humanity and I’m mad they let it happen. I’m mad it took me over two days to get help,” Susan said.

Susan said her husband, a retired Dallas firefighter with 39 years experience, never would have let them board the cruise had he known of the threat. “I’m disappointed he spent his career helping other people, and then when he needed it, he didn’t get it,” she said.

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