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IUD Lawsuits

Paragard IUDs can malfunction causing painful complications requiring surgery to remove or revise the medical device with additional treatment and medication. Major complications include death, IUD breakage upon removal, perforation of the uterus, IUD migration, IUD embedding into uterus, ectopic pregnancy, infection or abscess, scarring or damage to other organs, hysterectomy, inflammation caused by copper in the body.

To date, over 15,0000 cases have been reported to the FDA of a serious nature. The device can migrate and pierce the uterine wall resulting in death, device expulsion, dislocation, uterine disorder, pelvic pain, device breakage, vaginal hemorrhage, menorrhagia (severe blood loss), ovarian cysts, uterine rupture, perforation into other organs. Cases are consolidated in the Northern District of Georgia before Judge Leigh Martin May. 

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