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Pelvic Mesh Lawyer

Pelvic Mesh Claims

We are accepting mesh and sling removal and revision cases.

$2.5 Million Jury Verdict 4/26/22

$2.5 million was awarded against Coloplast to Virginia Redding, who was injured by a pelvic mesh. The Florida jury found the mesh was defectively designed, the company did not provide the implanting surgeon with adequate warnings about the risks, made negligent misrepresentations regarding the mesh’s risks, fraudulently concealed those risks and the claims were not time-barred.

From 2011 to the present, over 100,000 pelvic mesh claims of defective products causing injuries have been resolved. Settlements and verdicts involving multimillions have been made with many pelvic mesh products taken off the market. We are accepting cases of certain defective pelvic mesh products.

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Johnson & Johnson/Ethicon

Gynecare TVT, Abbrevo, Exact, Secur, Prolift, Prosima

  • Retropubic Sling
  • Mid Urethral Sling
  • Exact TVT
  • Gynecare Abbrevo TVT
  • Gynemesh

Ethicon Products no longer on the market

  • Gynecare Abbrevo TVT
  • Gynemesh PS
  • Prolene Polypropylene Mesh Patch
  • Exact
  • Secur
  • Prolift+
  • Prolift +M
  • Prosima

American Medical Systems (AMS)

Sparc, Mini-Arc, Monarc, Apogee, Elevate, Perigee

AMS products no longer on the market

  • Mini-Arc
  • Monarc
  • Apogee
  • Elevate
  • Perigee


Avaulta, Align, Pelvicol, Pelvitex

Bard Products no longer on the market

  • Avaulta PlusTM
  • BioSynthetic Support System
  • Avaulta Solo Synthetic Support System
  • Faslata® Allograft
  • Pelvicol® Tissue
  • PelviSoft® Biomesh
  • Pelvitex Polypropylene Mesh

Boston Scientific

Advantage, Obtryx, Solyx, Lynx, Uphold, Pinnacle, Prefix

  • Advantage™ Mid-Urethral Sling System
  • Obtryx® Transobturator Mid-Urethral Sling System
  • Solyx

Boston Scientific Products no longer on the market

  • Lynx
  • Prefyx Mid UTM Mesh Sling System
  • Prefyx PPSTM System
  • Pinnacle® Anterior-Apical Pelvic Floor Repair Kit
  • Pinnacle® Posterior Pelvic Floor Repair Kit
  • Pinnacle® Duet Pelvic Floor Repair Kit – Boston Scientific Uphold Vaginal Support System
  • Uphold


Altis, Aris, Supris, Retorelle Y Mesh

  • Altis
  • Aris
  • Supris
  • Restorelle Y Mesh
  • Restorelle Flat Mesh
  • Restorelle L Mesh

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Contact us now about your pelvic mesh product at 1-800-814-4540.

Consultations are free and confidential. There are statutes of limitations in each state and hospitals destroy records after a certain time, so contact us now.

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