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Carolyn St. Clair, R.N., B.S.N., J.D., PLLC

Carolyn St. Clair, R.N., B.S.N., J.D.

Carolyn St. Clair began her career as an open heart surgery nurse assisting two famed heart surgeons, Dr. Denton Cooley and Dr. Michael DeBakey. After working as a briefing attorney for the Texas Supreme Court and Justice C.L Ray, she worked with famed trial attorneys, John O’Quinn and Joe Jamail.

Over the past thirty-three years representing clients in personal injury, wrongful death and product liability cases, Carolyn has taken lead roles in multiple high profile lawsuits. Her most experience includes Bard, Cook and Cordis IVC filters, Transvaginal Mesh, Yaz, Yasmin, Breast Implants, Hip Implant litigation, Avandia. Other major roles include the mismatched heart-lung transplant of young Jessica Santillan (featured on Sixty Minutes), and the elevator decapitation of highly accomplished medical doctor, Hitoshi Nikaidoh. Both cases resulted in change to industry standards and charitable causes were established in memory of the deceased victims in the effort to avoid future harm to other individuals.

Licensed in New York and Texas, Carolyn has enhanced her medical and legal education and work experience with certifications in other disciplines, including, Harvard Law School mediation, arbitration and negotiation. Carolyn St. Clair’s briefing attorney experience at the Texas Supreme Court has served an essential role in litigating cases involving mass tort, medical device failure, implants and pharmaceutical product defects, auto, boat, motorcycle and railroad crossing accidents, class actions, toxic torts, multi-district litigation, oil rig, construction and amusement park accidents, forklift roll-overs, all terrain vehicle rollovers, doctor, chiropractor, nurse, hospital and nursing homes, sexual assaults, battery, false imprisonments and suicides, denial of health insurance and denial of social security benefits, mental incapacity disputes, mental health commitments, guardianship and probate matters.

Her medical background at the Texas Medical Center has been critically utilized in cases involving transvaginal mesh, recalled drugs, heart failure, spinal cord injuries, closed and open head injuries, comatose victims, strokes, deep venous thrombosis, clots, burns, amputations, electrocutions, drownings, explosions, birthing injuries, herniated disks, comas, blindness, hearing and nerve impairment, connective tissue diseases, kidney, liver and lung disease, heart disease, defects and transplants, congenital defects, fractures, soft tissue injuries, cancer and deaths.

Carolyn was honored with the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the University of Texas Health Science Center at the Denton Cooley, MD Center at the Texas Medical Center in June 2013.  She is a member of the Top 100 National Trial Lawyers Association, Top 25 Mass Tort Trial Lawyers, Top 25 National Women Trial Lawyers, Medical Malpractice Trial Lawyers Association, American Association for Justice, Lifetime Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation, Women En Masse Torts, New York Bar Association and held a variety of board positions, served on committees and contributed to the Melvin Belli Society, Baylor College of Medicine Partnership, Rose Ribbon Cancer Reconstruction Foundation, Michael Bolton Women and Children at Risk Project, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, End Hunger, Houston Livestock and Rodeo and her pet project, Citizens for Animal Protection.

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